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ID Please?

Posted By DJGEXETER 11/5/2007 8:01:47 PM
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 Posted 11/5/2007 8:01:47 PM

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I have never seen anything like this before...any ideas?




 Picture 005.jpg (242 views, 2.86 MB)
 Posted 11/6/2007 8:00:20 AM

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Very hard to tell from the picture.  Is it alive or dead?  Can you get a couple more pictures of it from different angles?

Almost looks like a clam expelled some type of internal organs or a coral released something that was partially digested.  Any missing fish in the past few weeks that a coral might have partially digested?



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 Posted 11/6/2007 9:05:08 AM

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I think everyone needs more clarification. Is this something on a fish, or substrate, or just free floating. Unfortunately the picture does not give enough info to make a well informed guess or answer. If you could give us some more info and maybe some different pics it would help.

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 Posted 2/11/2008 9:40:40 PM

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It's a tunicate. Good luck figuring out which one, there are hundreds of species.
 Posted 2/12/2008 3:10:34 PM

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I'll agree that its some sort of invert attached to the pipe. Cant say for sure if its a tunicate or what is is, but it looks like an invertebrate critter

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2/12/2008 3:11:12 PM by FMarini

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