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Refugium threads - New 2006

Posted By Anthony Calfo 2/1/2006 2:12:18 PM
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Anthony Calfo
 Posted 2/1/2006 2:12:18 PM

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For archive purposes, we have here a tidy and accumulating list of threads about refugia. Please check back to see new threads and discussions listed Smile refugium for feeding sps and clams? 04.04.07 Very good refugium media 12.02.06 integrated sump-refugium? Pass... 10.1.06 A second skimmer versus refugium 3.12.06 lighting 24/7 or not?2.1.06 refugium versus RDSB 1.21.06

Also be sure to check out related threads like DSBs (Deep Sand Beds) in the list of "Fav links..." stickied atop this forum.


Anthony Calfo

4/4/2007 8:17:27 AM by Anthony Calfo

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