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What are clues whether it's too much bacteria in tank?

Posted By ohm3my 12/15/2013 4:45:52 PM
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 Posted 12/15/2013 4:45:52 PM

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I just started Zeovit last 2 month due to pain of high nutrient tank.
Zeobak+Zeostart+Zeofood have dosed according to recommended guide.
Ten days after starting, some LPS goes hell eg. star polyps. Others LPS also drops.
Glass covered with green algae (perhave so call, diatom) in just ten-days of my vacation as
The point is what is cause of LPS's disaster after starting Zeo. Zeo made something. I guess that is huge bac growth. This may make some parameter become quit poor. But No3/Po4 still the same 15mg/l, 2mg/l respectively.

So, if bacteria may cause. What is indicator showing that is too much bacteria?

Any other idea, welcome to share.
Thank you for every coming ideas.

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