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how to upgrade a reef tank

Posted By eric.battani 1/4/2013 3:13:54 AM
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 Posted 1/4/2013 3:13:54 AM

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ok this is a question that is a little out there that is hard to find the answer on internet. but my question is how do you upgrade a saltwater reef tank?

i bought myself a 75 gallon tank as a christmas present for myself, b/c that is what reefers do right? lol. well i have a 29 gallon tank now and 33 frags ( i know its a lot, thats why i got the bigger tank) and i want to switch a lot of stuff over to the new tank, mostly the LR i have in my display of the 29 gal tank. (50-60lbs) but it has so many ''bugs'' alot of which i dont know if they are good or bad. the reason i have them is because when i bought my first frags i did not dip it but i know better now, now i have more ugly feather dusters than i can count and i every once in a while i will catch sight of long skinny white worms ect. so would i be better off to soak all the LR in fresh water for a week or two to kill every thing and then after i cycle the tank do coral dips to kill everything? or leave the rock with all the life in it?. also is there any other pointers that i might need to think about when setting up the new tank?

now i also have another 40lbs of LR in my refugium for the 29 gallon so i will have more than enough to handle the bio load of three fish, two clowns and a blue dot goby so no need to worry about the other fish and corals while the new tank gets ready.


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 Posted 1/4/2013 7:29:36 PM

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Here is an article I wrote about upsizing or downsizing that might help:



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