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snowflake clownfish

Posted By nick direnzo 11/22/2012 12:37:51 PM
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nick direnzo
 Posted 11/22/2012 12:37:51 PM

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what is the proper name for the snowflake clown. i can't find it listed in dr. burgess catalogue as i believe it is bred and not natural.
 Posted 11/23/2012 2:22:23 PM

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They are a color morph of the A. ocellaris clowns.



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 Posted 2/6/2013 6:20:47 PM

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Hey Guys i think that Snowflakes are a well-known version of A. ocellaris that have a lot of infrequent white-colored marks on one's human body. The sides of the white-colored will generally be rough and angular.Each Snowflake is analyzed by an knowledgeable grader for the amount of white-colored and the appeal of the striping. Just as their name indicates – no two are as well.Thanks a lot!!

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2/9/2013 6:32:42 PM by Walter6

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